Are noel fielding and paloma faith dating

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I was singing to Julian [Barratt, the other half of The Mighty Boosh], trying to hypnotise him. In our first show, we were sucked through our boss’s eye into a magic forest. He’s brilliant but so sharp the guests sometimes got a bit frightened. People would get a bit arsey with him but he loves that. One of the Kemp brothers from Spandau Ballet was doing sofa adverts and told Simon he could have one joke about it.If people don’t want to go with that it can be quite difficult. It was like a red rag to a bull – Amstell made ten jokes about it.‘I loved the show but all the attention was overwhelming.I was getting into fights when I went back to Bolton because people thought I was big-headed.

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Also recently at London Fashion Week she got papped falling over as "stilletto's are not conducive to cobblestones" She fancies the pants off Caleb from Kings of Leon but would trade having 'Rudies' with him for a duet instead and Paloma and Fearne are on a mission to bring back chivarly, so watch out fellas!

Noel Fielding talks to Metro about doing a stand-up routine dressed as Jesus when he was in college, meeting a sniffy Mel B on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and his new art book, The Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton. It’s a book of my drawings and paintings, some short stories and some nonsense.

It's Safe to say that she and Sarah Harding didn't become best buddies on the set of St Trinian's.

Despite Paloma's best efforts, Sarah's security was just too secure but she's great mates with the boys from JLS.

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During a career that shrewdly mixes classical theatre and television work, Paul, 29, has certainly had enough practice with screen nudity to play heart-throb Dr Robert Fielding in the new drama series .