Art is intimidating

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Art is intimidating

Serious artists, on the other hand, don’t get the right representation, as their works are mixed with hobby artists,”she explains.

On the buying side, art is accessible only to a few.

While I was painting one day, I realised that there were hardly any avenues for upcoming artists to showcase their work.

With limited wall space, new talent either gets sidelined or lost in the crowd. Local galleries lack the network or resources to promote artists, and good exhibitions are few and expensive.

The thought of buying art immediately invokes the image of someone in Tussar silks or Fab India khadis waltzing around a space with minimalist décor, nodding nonchalantly and making quintessential small-talk in breathy tones, of Picasso’s cubist rebellion.

Here’s a revelation - it is as difficult for some genuinely talented upcoming senior artists to create this simulation of high-society living for you as it is for you to keep up the façade every time you want to find an adornment for your walls.

“The traditional fair model is very intimidating to people who did not grow up with art”, she says.

“We wanted to take away the intimidation aspect and make it really fun and immersive.” Rather than targeting the local base with “tech art”, she is working with design firm IDEO to introduce elements of design thinking—the ethos of creative problem solving that drives the Silicon Valley tech industry—and will be incorporating data-based engagement tracking as a way of “finding out what people enjoy”.

In a subsequent experiment, Zeki found that works of art generally perceived as ‘disturbing’ or ‘ugly’ (works by Bosch, for example) triggered noticeably less brain activity than Botticelli’s glowing depiction of the Roman goddess of love; however, the subjects’ brain scans still reflected stimulation. What we found was the increase in blood flow was in proportion to how much the painting was liked,” Zeki reported.

Your love affair with art can simply thrive as a silent conversation you have with the frame that you know belongs on the empty square above your bed, even though it is through a computer screen. Eikowa – the Greek word for ‘image’ - was born in December 2015 out of the need to break this barrier.

Vaishnavi Murali, Founder and CEO at the brand, wanted to become a curator of meaningful art minus the nonsense of pretense.

Sho-Joung Kim-Wechsler, the former head of finance for art start-up Artsy in New York, was less than enthused when her husband was relocated to San Jose, California.

The epicentre of Silicon Valley, it offered little in the way of art and design culture she was used to.

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“I think it is a reaction, probably, to people’s experiences,” says the San Francisco-based gallerist Jessica Silverman, when asked if “fair-tigue” was a factor in the flight away from the term, but adds, “for new endeavours, it makes sense that they don’t call themselves a fair.

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