Dating sites for mental illness

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Dating sites for mental illness

Social isolation is both a cause and an effect of mental distress.When the person isolates more, they face more mental distress. This vicious cycle relegates many people with severe mental illness to a life of social segregation and isolation. Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!Another reason the person with mental illness may experience social isolation is the nature of their mental illness.

Loneliness creates stress, taking a toll on health.

Social isolation is also sometimes due to the unwillingness of others to befriend the mentally ill. The stigma associated with mental illness creates huge barriers to socialization.

People with severe mental illness are probably the most isolated social group of all.

If you're not comfortable telling a supervisor, Carlstrom recommends seeking a trusted co-worker for support.

Telling your loved ones: For your friends and family, it all comes down to education, Carlstrom says.

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Many people with severe psychiatric disabilities say that the stigma associated with their illness is as distressing as the symptoms themselves.