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This is so important that I want to stress this again: civilians do not have the duty to arrest anybody (even in jurisdictions where so-called “citizens arrests” are legal).

Civilians have no business chasing and arresting criminals, they don’t have to initiate a confrontation with gangs, thugs, hooligans, or petty criminals.

Which means that as soon as the attack is stopped (whether because the criminal(s) ran in fear or got shot) you have to stop firing.

You cannot empty your firearm into the back of a feeling criminal, no matter how egregious his attempted or committed crime was.

It is estimated that anywhere between 20-30 percent of them carry weapons that don’t even work (they are too poor or too cheap to buy a good firearm, and too stupid to maintain it properly). Yes, I know, mobsters and drug-dealers can use very experienced “soldiers” and there have been famous cases when cops, or FBI agents, have been out-gunned in protracted gun battles.

But the chances of that ever happening to you are as close to zero as it gets.

4) Those who lived in jurisdictions which allow a person to use a weapon or self-defense.

What I want to do today is to debunk a very dangerous myth which is almost universally accepted and which is repeated with an almost religious fervor day after day and by almost everybody: that semi-automatic pistols are better for the self-defense needs of civilians than revolvers.

So while this blog is definitely not a 2nd Amendment advocacy blog, but I cannot remain indifferent to the fact that we do live in a very dangerous world and that the upcoming year carries truly major risks for our planet.

Introductory note: I wanted to touch upon this subject for a long, long while, because it is one I care about a lot.

However, it is also totally off-topic for this blog.

It is not the legal right to use deadly force, in self-defense civilians can do that (at least in those jurisdictions which allow civilians to carry a firearm to defend themselves). It is the following crucial differences: This is absolutely crucial: law enforcement officers have to enforce the law and protect everybody.

Civilians only are allowed to protect themselves (or somebody under their protection) and only until the law enforcement forces show up.

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I have decided to post this somewhat off-topic article in the hope that at least some of the readers will benefit from it. We also live in a world which proactively fosters a gullible, uncritical acceptance of mainstream myths and lies, especially those promoted by the corporate world.

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