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23) was the one other baseball player to crack the top 50. "We've got to tell Derek, 'You've got to get the uniform back on,' " jokes New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi. There isn't a single player in the sport who ranks as the favorite of even 3 percent of all "avid" baseball fans.But Jeter, who was just as retired last year as he is this year, was still the top baseball name on the list at No. "It's time to tell him, 'You've got to get in shape.' "No, that won't be happening. At the top of that list is the Cubs' Kris Bryant at 2.9 percent.Baseball has got to try and elevate them, which it's never really done, and get behind individuals."But when folks inside the game hear this type of advice, they ask: What are the players doing to elevate themselves?If the NBA or NFL had a 25-year-old two-time MVP in its midst, you think there's any chance he would rank behind, say, Roger Staubach, on a list of America's most popular athletes in the 21st century? But Trout's absence from this top 50 actually is a microcosm of his sport's issues.

"But it's been more about the game and its history. We can recite Le Bron's and Brady's sagas by heart."Think about this," says one longtime agent. And Le Bron might be the pinnacle for every athlete, in terms of how much coverage he gets. And it's something that's been discussed for some time."But this is about more than marketing. It's about making players understand the responsibilities that come with stardom: Major stardom. To be a Face of Baseball also means being a Voice of Baseball -- and being available to be that type of voice day after day, through the longest of seasons. because once you've learned to say no, it's easy to say it again and again."And finally, baseball has to find ways to overcome its natural limitations.

I think that gets lost in a lot of organizations, where it's just so old school -- and 'this is how we do it here, and it's either my way or the highway' -- which doesn't work for everybody.

You're not getting the most out of the person because you're not letting the person be himself."The Cubs think otherwise.

But no one athlete is big enough to draw national attention."So what is it about baseball, or Le Bron, or the NBA's star-making machinery, that produces that dramatic a disparity? For more than 30 years, he was a high-powered agent for players in both sports.

But in 2015 he crossed over to the other side, to work for the Detroit Pistons as a vice chairman for Palace Sports & Entertainment."In basketball, compared to baseball, the best player usually wins the last game of the year," Tellem says.

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