Josh peck and drake bell dating

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Josh peck and drake bell dating

" RELATED: See All Nickelodeon Co-Stars Who Aren't Friends Anymore He also retweeted a video of celebrity gossip writer Perez Hilton doing a video with Stevie as her You Tube personality, Little Loca, back in 2007.

costar Josh Peck after he wasn't invited to his television partner's wedding. I'll miss you brotha." "We've been together 18 years, Josh and me, me and Josh.

The alum took to his social media page to share a picture of he and Peck having a loving bromance moment during, what appears to be, the recent wedding festivities. After all, things are bound to get misconstrued on the internet.

So, let’s take his post and caption with a grain of salt.

Everyone is pretty torn up about all of this Josh Peck and Drake Bell wedding drama, you know, the time Josh Peck got married and didn’t invite Drake Bell to the wedding.

Bell posted a cryptic message on Twitter Sunday morning, saying, "When you're not invited to the wedding the message is clear....""Loyalty is key," he continued.

"ALWAYS remember where you came from."Bell later deleted the tweets.

The Stevie was found in her apartment in Los Angeles, California and it has since been determined that her death was a suicide.

Having a large online presence, Stevie recently did a podcast all about depression.

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