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The crown jewel is probably at ,000, where I'll do an interview on the Sylvester Mc Coy era with the legendary Kate Orman, but there's good stuff throughout, from covering Mark Gatiss's Doctor Who debut .

Robin goes on to write: For several years, Hayek had been growing increasingly excited about the possibility that “the basic principles of the theory of the competitive market were worked out by the Spanish scholastics of the 16th century.” (In his History of Economic Analysis, Schumpeter also had argued “that the very high level of Spanish sixteenth-century economics was due chiefly to the scholastic contributions.” But it didn’t seem to transport him in the way it did Hayek.)Hayek insisted that the conference be shipped for a day 132 miles northwest of Madrid in order “to celebrate at Salamanca”—the university town where this specific branch of early modern natural law theory was formulated—”the Spanish origins of liberal economics.” .... The goal is a modest 00 which, given that it's made it to 5 in the time it took me to log into the site and start this post, I expect we're going to make, but there's stretch goals every 00 after that all the way up to ,000, which will add up to thirteen bonus essays if we can make it through them all.

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There's a ebook threepack, and a print threepack. In his researches into Hayek’s role in the decision to hold the 1981 conference of the Mont Pèlerin Society (MPS) in Pinochet’s Chile, Corey Robin discovered a 1979 letter from Hayek to another MPS member in which he enthusiastically - and, as it transpires, successfully - endorsed Madrid as a conference venue.

Anyway, by popular request I've added two new reward tiers for people who want to catch up on the Eruditorum Press catalog, but don't necessarily want all seven TARDIS Eruditorum Books.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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