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Ryu hyun kyung dating

Don't count him out, just give him time to grow into his acting chops. (w/ Sung Kyung) I am hoping that someday, i'll get to see you in person. I admire you more when I saw your IG posts watching the live game of GSW and a pic or Stephen Curry.

Hoping for more projects for him in the future and that he may grab all opportunities available to improve his craft. He just became favorites in all his drama, it cant be help if the guy is really mesmerizing on screen and have lovable characters. you r the one that made the drama who are you school 2015 so meaningful. he's capabilty is only best for singing & dancing . nam joo hyuk's acting was best than that tae kwang who should only just sing and dance if he cant do acting properly.i really hate tae kwang's acting . Oppa fighting:) Ohh by the way i'm 3 years older from him and naahh i don't even care since every handsome guys are oppa to me: D I know he is tall, but it still surprises me that he is actually 2m minus 2 cm. His acting on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo suits him tho. I don't know with his new drama "Bride of the Water God 2017". Sarangaeyooooo oppa i like u sooooo much i like lee sung kyung unnni too u both r perfect match i wish to see u in person congragulations for ur new series u acted very well in weightlifting fairy ur pair with sung kyung is lovelyyyyyy please take weightlifting 2 or act with her in any other series please opppa sarangaeyooooo fighting Halo applause with your weightlifting fairy there's a lot of comedy and made me laugh each day haha..

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