Self updating profile hit counter

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If we don’t, Wicket will not know how to update the markup in the client.

If you put this code into your page’s class, then you’ll have a working Ajax updating counter.

Lot's of other counter styles to choose from and ideal for My Space or host on your Blogger are available at the category pages!

We offer a Flag Counter Pro service that is very affordable.

Not only will it remove the logo, but it will unlock an advanced visitor log, and much more.

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Find out how successful the SEO policy of a given site is: study the most popular keywords bringing users to it, the top outer sites sending clicks to it, and other important SEO stats, including the ‘all-mighty’ Google PR. Also, this section shows everything related to domain registration status and dates, like time left before its expiration and availability of similar domain names. Put one of our free hit counters on your site and you'll have all this information at your fingertips.

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Specifically read and understand the Hello, World example.

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