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Second, celebrities who often blame the condition for sexual improprieties probably don't have it, therapists say.To the last point, there is debate over whether the condition qualifies as an addiction.Sexual addiction is not limited to a certain gender or about specific sexual behaviors or practices but is about the compulsive pursuit and use of sex in whatever form it may take.Sex becomes separated from intimacy, relationship, pleasure and enjoyment.Its authors were talking to men, of course, because there were very few women in the recovery rooms 30 years ago, but the wisdom should not be ignored because it speaks to one gender or because it may sound corny.Many relapses will begin with the problems associated with the instability an individual is experiencing in their sexual life.

Sex is a normal human need, but for some people, sexual behavior becomes compulsive, and the behavior remains out of control despite feelings of shame and harmful consequences. Instead, sexual behavior is used as an escape from unpleasant feelings—feelings that can be successfully addressed in psychotherapy.It can emerge later in life, often as a response to stress or trauma. I wrote the book as a self-help guide for people who do not have access to organized programs of treatment or who are not yet able to move forward in group treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has the best evidence-based effectiveness in the treatment of related disorders.Does sex addiction exist apart from addiction to pornography? The only person who can really know is the person himself. Unwanted sexual behavior creates more shame and a repeating cycle is set up.It is sex used to relieve painful and intolerable feeling states.These include depression, shame, anxiety, boredom, low self-worth and, sometimes, problems hidden in the structure of the primary relationship. It is said to be a problem for women, as well as men, but almost all of my patients have been men.

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