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The hundred takes its name from the Nanticoke River, the source of which is here.

In old grants of land, bearing date of 1760, the land on the Deep Creek is referred to as being in Deep Creek Hundred, and land on Maryland grants, Nanticoke Hundred The hundred being the dividing line of the disputed territory of the Penns and Lord Baltimore, grants were made indiscriminately by both of these proprietors, and in many instances were for the same land When the line was finally confirmed, the Maryland name was given to the land embraced in both the old hundreds.

The land was called 'Truthful Plain,''' and March 19, 1777, Charles Polk purchased it of Isaac Layfield. On this Layton land is the old brick mansion built by Charles Polk, who bought of Layfield, and who was the father of Governor Charles Polk, and himself a lieutenant in Col. Following this warrant were two from William Penn, one dated May 80, 1705, to John Lofley, for two hundred acres of land "lying on ye head of ye beaver dam, which proceedeth out of Nanticoke," and another of September 10 of the same year to John Bennett, for 200 acres, described as being "in forest, and lying between ye heads of Sowbridge Swamps and ye Swamps of ye Bever dam of Nanticoke." This land was formerly owned by James Carlisle.

He also purchased one hundred and seventy acres of it from Sarah Newbold, January 26, 1793. Both Bennett and Lofley were from the eastern part of the State; and many who settled in this hundred were early settlers in the older and better known parts of the State.

When the line between the States was definitely settled, in 1775, it became necessary for all these old settlers to have warrants of resurvey granted by the Penns, and when doing this they took up large tracts of vacant land, which, at the time, embraced one-half of the hundred. Upon attaining his majority he went to New Orleans, where he passed four years of his life.

Early Settlements It is with considerable difficulty that the early settlers and their locations in this hundred can be ascertained. The Polks, Laytons, Adamses, Nutters, Ricords, Richards and Jacobs, whose names appear so often in grants of land in this and Northwest Fork Hundreds, and who are still numerous in the State, are of this class. A tract described as in the extreme southwest comer of Cedar Creek, called "Gum Neck," was warranted March 19, 1747, to John Collins. Of the Polks, who were the largest holders, an account will be found in the chapter on Northwest Fork Hundred. This land is on the Gum Branch of the Nanticoke, and contains one hundred and fifty-three acres, parts of which are owned by Isaac C. Robert Moody, on a patent bearing date September 4, 1754, took up the tract of "Lynn," located near Knowles' Cross Roads. Sev-eral small tracts adjoining this were taken up by the Marvels between the years 17. Marvel is of English extraction, and has been identified with the settlement and development of Lower Delaware for over two hundred years, owning large tracts of land in Sussex County, and being among its leading, most intelligent and enterprising citizens. Marvel, to whom this sketch is chiefly devoted, is the grandson of Philip Marvel, and son of Josiah Marvel and Sovy, daughter of Charles Tindal. Being disputed territory, grants were made both by Lord Baltimore and Penn; and its boundaries being uncertain, grants about the banning of the eighteenth century were made as being in Cedar Creek and Broadkiln Hundred, which evidently, by bounds extended westward, embraced this territory. Prior to 1706 there were very few settlers, if any, in the hundred.

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