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Entries usually include the testator's name, date of death, date of probate and registry. A record of births, marriages, deaths, legal, political, organisation and other news from the counties of Kent and Sussex. The great purpose of this canal was to drain the lands called Laughton Levels on the east of Lewes.Original pages of the newspaper can be viewed and located by a full text search. senior assistant medical officer; Charles Planck M. By this canal all the neighbouring lands have been materially benefited, the embankments being continued on the east side of the river above Lewes bridge to Bushy brook; on the west side above Lewes bridge to the upper end of the New Cut; and on the north side of Glynd Sewer, from Sound to the Swall bank; and on the south side from Sound to the Cock field.

Records may detail a passenger's age or date of birth, residence, occupation, destination and more. West of Shoreham the staple is deeper, and between Arundel and Hampshire the soil is more so.A name index connected to digital images of registers recording millions of children educated in schools operated by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education. Advancing down the hills, the soil becomes of a deeper staple, and at the bottom is every where a surface of very good depth for ploughing.Records contain a variety of information including genealogical details, education history, illnesses, exam result, fathers occupation and more. West of the river Arun, the soil above the chalk is very gravelly, intermixed with large flints.In the time of the Romans Sussex was inhabited by Belgae, who had supplanted the British Celts, the successors of the Iberians. It overspreads the Weald in every direction, where it flourishes with a great degree of luxuriance.In the year 47 this district was conquered by Vespasian, but the government was left to a Belgic chief, Cogidubnus, who resided at Regnum (Chichester). The soil, which is best adapted for raising this plant, is a stiff strong loam, upon a red brick earth or clay bottom.

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A comprehensive place-by-place gazetteer, listing key contemporary and historical facts. Contains details on local schools, churches, government and other institutions. The New Cut from Stone bridge, about half a mile above Shalford, to connect the river Wey with the Arun, a distance of sixteen miles, proves a valuable and important navigation to this division of Surrey and Sussex.

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  1. These civilizations used glyphic writing and bar-and-dot numerical notation systems for purposes related to royal iconography and calendar systems.