Top ten most intimidating college football stadiums who is dating patrick wilson

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Top ten most intimidating college football stadiums

Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va., doesn't blow people away by the brute strength of a massive stadium, but with knowledgeable fans that always reach a frenzied pitch at the right time, the Hokies make the most of their numbers.

Gamedays at Ohio State have it all – the tailgating, The Best Damn Band in the Land and the tens of thousands of frenzied fans build one of the richest traditions in American sports.

The stadiums have been cleaned, the gridirons groomed and the fields painted.

In less than two weeks, fanatics all over the nation will begin to file into their home venues.

The main lower grandstand is in a horseshoe shape with suites and luxury areas between the lower decks on the upper decks on the north and south stands.

The latest addition to Memorial Stadium occurred before the 2006 season.

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It sits in a valley, the university cemetery once overlooked the field before the construction of the upper decks and opposing teams have claimed to be “killed” at Memorial Stadium.

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