Updating message authorization code

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While the Sentinel LM service is running, check if there are any licenses installed.Use Wlm Admin to view running servers and their licenses.Make sure there are also no spaces at the beginning and the end of the number.Correct the number and then retry the activation process.These error messages are applicable to all Freedom Scientific products that use Internet License Manager for authorization.Freedom Scientific maintains a database of technical support notices (TSNs) and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can help address these and other problems you may be experiencing with ILM authorization.This error may also display if you receive the error: “There is an error with your Internet connection.Please make sure you have established a connection before continuing ...” and choose the Cancel button.

Check to make sure that the computer can successfully ping If the activation fails again, contact Technical Support to verify that the number exists in the Freedom Scientific database.This error can display for a number of different reason.To request that Freedom Scientific reset the number of activation keys you have available, complete and submit the Request for Product Activation Reset Form .Please allow up to one business day for the reset to occur.

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This error means there was a problem with your Internet connection.

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