Whos dating wentworth miller

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Whos dating wentworth miller

He said: He also opened up on how his role as Scotty (who is homosexual as well) in the TV show ‘Brothers and Sisters’ influenced him and gave him the strength to accept who he was as he was essentially projecting himself on Scotty everytime he was acting as him.

When asked about the media handling the truth about his sexual orientation, he said: Luke has been in several relationships with several celebrities. Then came his strong relationship with Wentworth Miller which is and has remained one of the most famous.

He is just the latest acting luminary to add his voice to the growing dissent regarding Moscow’s newly adopted homophobic laws.

Writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry has since called for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, due to be held in Sochi, Russia in February.

News: In a statement both subtle and substantive, Wentworth Miller came out as gay yesterday, writing a powerful letter to the head of a Russian film festival and condemning that nation for its anti-homosexual legislation. Newly discovered book excerpts reveal that Wentworth Miller, the star of Prison Break, had an impressive artistic run as a 19-year old English literature student at Princeton.

And Hollywood continues to applaud Miller for taking such a powerful, brave stance. The Prison Break star and the blonde cutie caused a stir went they were spotted together back in April 2007, and celebrity gossip photographers have now snapped shots of the duo together again.

We now feel confident enough to report the following: Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller is dating Brother & Sisters actor Luke Mac Farlane.

This pairing had been nothing more than a rumor, but the day these two spent together in Los Angeles over the weekend make it apparent they're more than mere friends.

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He can't wait until he and Lincoln are home free in Mexico?