X factor us s03e13 online dating

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X factor us s03e13 online dating

The part about the compatibility being due the similarity of human and sheep DNA really seemed off base.Cows, goats, gazelles, horses, deer, pigs, hippos, bats, whales, and hedgehogs are all closer relatives of sheep than humans and other primates. I know there is some disagreement about the use of tactical lights mounted on hand guns, mostly about muzzle discipline and never pointing a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot, but I’m still surprised that you pretty much never see them used in TV shows.Get Smart is Multi-Universal Lincoln’s comment that he was a cone of silence when it comes to secrets indicates that the TV show Get Smart must have existed in the Alterverse as well.

I had hoped the revelation that he was a League member would morph him into a more compelling character.

What I wasn’t sold on was the way Thea so quickly turned against Merlyn after learning the truth.

She’s been perfectly happy to travel the world with him and train in the ways of ninja warfare, but all of a sudden he’s a schemer and manipulator? The other Thea-related element that proved a bit disappointing this week was the handling of Chase, the League assassin masquerading as a DJ.

This week offered a nice chance for Caity Lance to pass the baton to Katie Cassidy, as Laurel conquered her fears, beat up the bad guy, and took another key step towards becoming a legitimate hero.

It was good to see the character acknowledge that she can’t simply be the hero her sister was, though what tangible difference that epiphany will make is unclear right now.

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Perhaps the biggest development this week was the fact that Ollie finally came clean and revealed his vigilante lifestyle to Thea.