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Xmlreader non validating

One of the most common uses for such objects is to install non-core event handlers.

Accessing properties is like accessing feature flags, except that the values associated with these names are objects rather than Booleans: Only specialized parsers will support this property: parsers that traverse DOM document nodes to produce streams of corresponding SAX events.

Since SAX does not provide a way to enumerate such URIs as supported by a parser, you will need to rely on parser documentation, or the tables in this section, to identify the legal identifiers.

Parts of the internal subset after a reference to a skipped external parameter entity will be ignored.Those semantics would likely not be understood by any common The previous chapter showed how to access feature flags from SAX parsers and used the standard validation flag as the primary example.Accessing feature flags follows the same model as accessing properties, except the values are boolean not Object. These function in similar ways, including using URIs to identify any number of features and properties.The exception model, presented in Chapter 2, "Introducing SAX2" in Section 2.4.1, "SAX2 Feature Flags" is used to distinguish the three basic types of feature or property: the current value may be read-only, read/write, or undefined.

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